Thursday, March 5, 2015

It's World Book Day so I'm going to talk about...

...More knitting.

The knitting bug seems to be lasting, I managed a second scarf (palmed off on a friend) and then made a concerted effort over 3 days to conquer a simple chevron pattern. Tried. For 3 days. Failed. That was somewhat disheartening, but try as I might, and I really tried, I ended up with a hellish combination of dropped stitches that ran to ladders and an ever increasing number of extra stitches by the end of each row. I would have taken it better if the pattern hadn't insisted it was simple and easy. 

After a bit of a rethink I decided to have a go at Fair Isle - only a sample square - and that's been much more satisfactory. For a start on such a small scale it was impossible to lose where I'd got to in the pattern, and being based on colours rather than obscure instructions in all but incomprehensible abbreviations it really was simple. All entirely encouraging so this weekend I'm making it a mission to find a good collection of yarn in a suitable variety of shades and something with a good collection of fair isle designs (maybe a book of some sort...) with a view to some sort of project - possibly a cushion cover if I have the patience to finish it. 


  1. I love knitting too, but also struggle, so your attempt at chevron has my sympathy. The Fair Isle looks fab though! Take a look at Kate Davies' designs, they are gorgeous, for inspiration. I long to have a go but haven't yet been brave enough...

  2. Thank you so much for your comment, it's been really helpful (expensive ;)...) I'm in shetland at the moment on an unexpected trip so I've bought a rainbow of yarn. I had seen Kate Davies' blog before (at least I think I had) but hadn't looked recently. I've been looking at her book here this morning but decided I'm not quite up to the challange yet but did buy another one she recommends.

    1. I am so envious of your trip! I have always wanted to visit Shetland. Have a wonderful time!