Thursday, February 19, 2015

A lucky find

There was a time when I wasn't very keen on second hand books; they can be such personal possessions, and then the pleasure of an entirely new book is such a wonderful thing that used just wasnt very appealing. But that was back when I had more disposable income.

These days finding a good second hand book is one of the small but significant pleasures in life and today I found a beauty. There's a charming market town about half an hour from Leicester (Market Harborough) which has all sorts of things I like (kitchen shop, amazing old style hardware shop - by the name of Gilbert's - nice little gallery type places, a river running through it that supports both otters and kingfishers as well as ducks, and plenty of other good things) including opportunities for book bargains. Just before I caught the bus home I picked up a copy of 'The Apocrypha', something I've vaguely wanted since my student days, for a very modest £1.50. Better yet it's a charming little blue hard back from the dim and distant past of Oxford World's Classics - perfect pocket size. 

I was particularly glad of it when a fairly major traffic accident held us up for 2 hours on the way home. It was much better than the book is been struggling to read before (which didn't have a dragon, The Apocrypha does - Daniel slays it). Nor had I realised that this is where the story of Susanna and the elders can be found, but now I know I'm even happier with my find. 

Time for some more improving reading before bed!


  1. I was reading this thinking it was a novel you are talking about! I'm RC, so I just know these books as part of the Bible. It's always fun being the lay reader when Susannah's story comes up in rotation for Mass.

  2. My degree was History of Art, Susanna and the elders is a popular subject which I'd always associated with the bible so I was mildly surprised to find it in here. I should (though how likely I am to find the time is debatable) have a good look through my bible and see where the apocrypha would be. It livened up my bus journey anyway.