Sunday, December 8, 2013

So much to do...

And so little time on which to do it. Yet again I'm struggling with internet connection, this time even my phone is playing up. After a trouble free weekend in deepest Derbyshire I suspect it's some sort of local issue - whatever it is it's annoying as well as being yet another reminder as to how dependent I've become on internet access for entertainment.

Meanwhile Derbyshire was marvellous - the scenery is considerably more picturesque than can be found in the middle of Leicester, we went to an excellent bargain book shop and my friends mum gave me a lovely nranch of twisted hazel. It's acting as my Christmas tree and I've made it some spicy pepper biscuits. It might not smell of pine but the biscuits are scenting the room in a very acceptable manner.

The biscuit recipe is from Nigella (to complicated to try and find the link tonight via a phone that keeps losing signal but I will post it in due course because they're delicious). Meanwhile I have a ton of things to do pre birthday ans Christmas with an ever diminishing number of hours to acheive everything in so I suppose I should stop procrastinating and get on with it...


  1. Oh, I love the hazel branch - I must have seen hazel before, but not knowing it for what it is! And how original, with just the right amount of cookies (biscuits) to be picturesque. What's doing duty as my "Christmas tree" is a branch of bittersweet. I daren't put anything on it though, as it would make all the little red berries fall off. What is the pretty pot your hazel is in? Does the gold lozenge say anything?

    Diana Birchall

  2. It's a Kew gardens pot (I'm a little bit obsessed with them the lozenge has a crown on it and says Kew) they come in all sorts of shapes and colours and are beautiful. Your bittersweet sounds perfect as well. I've just come in and the smell of the cookies is very welcoming.