Friday, June 28, 2013


I've been talking about whisky at Oxford words blog, it's one of my favourite things for a whole host of reasons so do go and have a look... Meanwhile here are a couple of whisky themed pictures to build the mood.

Bruichladdich enjoying some typical Scottish weather

Barrels - where most of the good stuff happens


  1. Such an interesting post - I love whisky (particularly those peaty monsters out of Islay) and try to seek out ones I've never tried whenever I have a chance. My biggest limitation is my inability to remember how to pronounce all the names (Bruichlaiddich?!) - one just doesn't hear them enough in Australia to produce a tolerably mimicry! They're also horribly expensive here. *sad face*

    1. Pronounced Brook-laddie! I had a lovely chat with the distillery manager there once, he was very proud of their Australian sales. I think the worst Islay whisky to pronounce is Bunnahabhain (boona-haven). If you ever visit the UK than you should visit Islay, it's lovely, chock full of distilleries, and has beaches even an Australian might not despise!

      At the risk of being an enabler any decent whisky book will not only tell you how to pronounce the beast but will also tell you what it means, it's something I quite like looking up because I'm a total train spotter about that sort of thing!

  2. (I can't spell either - Bruichladdich. I give up!)

  3. Thanks again for writing this, Hayley!