Thursday, May 16, 2013


battered but comfortable old bedroom
emptied, dusted, and de spidered 
I've been planning on re-decorating my bedroom for ages, but have been put off by the botheration factor of moving the bookcase, however it was a job well overdue. My bed had been held up by a couple of old wine boxes for the last year so after finally ordering a new one I thought it would be a good time to do the lot. It's been a tiring 24 hours. I was right to be put off by moving the bookcase; I don't care that IKEA's Billy bookcase is now a sort of classic, my one is a bloody nuisance that's unwilling to stand upright, and inclined to total collapse when moved (the back fell off which meant the uprights lent considerably, and it needs to be wedged into place with card under the front of the damn thing or I'm sure it would crush me in my sleep). 

There was also the problem of dismantling my old bed properly - despite some bits of it falling apart the nuts
the was it a mistake moment
and bolts were just fine and I'm not overburdened with tools - I'm almost 40 and have so far managed quite well with a couple of screwdrivers, a small hammer, and several corkscrews. The corkscrews are useful for opening the wine which generally secures the help and toolboxes of better equipped girlfriends. Last time the bed went up my dad was here (plenty of tools, always, never mind how far from home he is) without him it looked like I was going to be stuck, but then god bless him the Scottish one turned up, and he too it seems never leaves home without some sort of handy tool kit. 

almost sorted
So by 7 this morning I was ready to start painting (it's remarkably easy to get up early when you sleep on the floor) at which point I had a total panic about the colour I'd chosen (the Scottish one hates it). I wanted dark grey but when I opened the tin it looked suspiciously brown (because of ordering the bed and getting delivery for a day off and all the other nonsense there wasn't time to get a sample and then go back to get more paint so I took a chance). It went on the wall brown too but started to dry to the colour grey that was on the tin which cheered me up - until I started on the second coat which has dried brownish. It's not a bad colour but I'm only 90% sure about it. 

and meanwhile all the rest of my flat looks like this
My friend the blonde came round (with tools, but we didn't need them in the end) and we assembled the new bed with ease (didn't even break a sweat, or swear) and now almost everything but the books are back in place. They're going to wait until I can re alphabetise them (and face the idea of more bending and lifting without wincing) and I'm going to make good use of one of those corkscrews. 

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  1. Your room looks so bright and cheery now - well done.

    We have several Billys and, for their price, still consider them to be treasures. But then, it's my husband who does the moving and installing so I'm free to say whatever I like about them ;-)