Monday, July 23, 2012

The Cake

The Cake will continue to be referred as The Cake in honour of it's epic nature. It was baked by my sister (something of a cake diva) and is the Rococoa cake from Nigella Lawson's 'Feast'. The recipe albeit including a picture covers four pages and can be found here, although as ever with Nigella (and this is why I like her) the instructions are easy to follow. The process can be made a little simpler by buying chocolate loaf cakes rather than baking your own sponge. Sister baked everything from scratch. 

This is a cake she's wanted to make for a couple of years but it needs 24 hours chilling time, feeds a small army, has a full shopping list of ingredients, and so, in short, calls for quite an occasion. I flatter myself that I provided just the excuse she's been looking for (although it's possible that the other people coming round for dinner also had something to do with it). 

The end result was delicious (though terrifyingly rich, it's as well there were lots of us, Nigella says serves 10 -12, we think The Cake did a bit more than that) so well worth all Sister's effort, the Scottish one and I contributed the marzipan cherubs (he modelled them I made the fig leaves and did the gilding - we didn't have much gold leaf to hand so although it looks messy in the picture the overall effect was attractively antiqued - honest.)

To eat The Cake is basically a super chocolaty sort of tiramisu and very much recommended for anyine who has the time and patience to put it together.